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Spin Echo - Sky Above The Sky (composer - director)

Dear people,

Weeks of boundless creativity in this wonderful playground resulted in our first full-length theater piece: Sky Above the Sky. It found its first audience in the theater where it came to life. We made, we played, we learned. Amongst others, the following.

1. The creative mind seems above all to be of a practical nature. We made the Sky's scenes by mixing and matching one idea with the other, through trial and error, simply to see what happened. The happening is what triggered new associative, or creative thought. It's what made the flowers sing.

2. A creative work needs time. Time for it to grow and ripen. Although Sky Above the Sky was ready to be seen by its first audience, it will take more for it to mature. Rather than a premiere, we feel this weekend's performance was a tryout. It left us with valuable feedback from friends and colleagues. Which brings us to the next point.

3. In some way or another, the never ending creative flow is a satisfying and humbling experience like no other. Luckily, the narrowing human condition allows for new skies to be discovered as though there were infinitely many floating above one another, ready to be touched upon and played with. Blessed with a never ending playground in the corners of our minds.

Dear people, thank you for joining us on our ride. Thank you, Theater De NWE Vorst, for your support and trust. Thank you, performers, for your energy, your ideas and hard work.

There's a beauty in the unavoidable taste of bittersweet melancholy that rushes in at the sight of the now emptied and cleaned theater hall. Let's make some more flowers sing.


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