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Jef Montes - Tormenta - Amsterdam Fashion Week (live soundscape)

On Friday the 8th of July 2016, Jef Montes presented his presentation Tormenta Experience during Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. In a performance, he gave a preview for his next collection. The materials were sponsored by Textile Lab and developed in collaboration with Textile Museum Tilburg.

Tormenta is Spanish for storm, it reflects the tumultuous journey to the hereafter. During the experience Montes took the viewer on a journey to his abstract world. He demonstrated his way of working and presented how he creates one of his new designs for his next collection. He started melting a dress on the body with the same material that was used for his previous collection Resolver. For Tormenta he collected all the remaining materials that were left from Resolver using one hundred procent of the developed materials. The process keeps on going after he gets to the second stage of his creation pouring white epoxy all over the dress. This reaction results in keeping the dress in its body shape without melting any further. During the third stage a black coating was sprayed all over the dress. The final result of this dress was hidden underneath layers of plastic, this creation was hanging in the center of the area. After the first few experiments he walks around the space, moves objects and throws them on the floor. He starts throwing water on a large water soluble dress that is hanging in the air. This object starts deconstructing and grows towards the floor creating a new shape. Moving from this stage in the process, he gets tormented and starts throwing black paint all over the developed materials that are hanging in the area. During the storm of black paint he gets paint all over his body and breaks glass on the floor. This creative rage has led him to the point where he walks out the door, slamming it behind him and leaving the audience in shock.

The final result of this process can be seen on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week early next year.


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